Welgevonden Private Game Park, Waterberg, December 2011

Welgevonden__469 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__465 - Late afternoon across the Sterkstroom Welgevonden__464 - Late afternoon across the Sterkstroom Welgevonden__458 - Late afternoon along the Sterkstroom drive Welgevonden__457 - Sterkstrom drive Welgevonden__453 - this Cheetah walked across the road in front of us Welgevonden__446 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__417 - a lapa with fire and the stars Welgevonden__416 - a lapa with fire and the stars Welgevonden__409 - the stars at Welgevonden - note the satellite moving across the picture Welgevonden__408 - looking at the millions of stars Welgevonden__405 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__394 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__384 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__374 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__369 - a young ellie bull feeding late afternoon Welgevonden__363 - a young ellie bull feeding late afternoon Welgevonden__356 - a baby ellie feeding late afternoon Welgevonden__351 - a steppe buzzard awaits the next meal to stroll by Welgevonden__345 - a beautiful rainbow across the sky Welgevonden__343 - a Hammerkop with it's nest Welgevonden__340 - Giraffe with a broken horn Welgevonden__334 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__329 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__324 - what wet toilet seat? A Waterbuck looking back like they do... Welgevonden__316 - a late afternoon shot of Lily pond Welgevonden__300 - Cheetah Welgevonden__299 - Cheetah Welgevonden__293 - take that - don't do that again. Cheetah in the road Welgevonden__278 - two Cheetah together Welgevonden__275 - a young Rhino Welgevonden__271 - a Waterbuck eating Welgevonden__255 - a Warthog rolls in the mud Welgevonden__247 - a Tree Agama Welgevonden__244 - a Tree Agama Welgevonden__239 - heading over Gherboks in Welgevonden Welgevonden__236 - heading over Gherboks in Welgevonden Welgevonden__234 - a young Impala Welgevonden__222 - Cheetah Welgevonden__184 - Sunset in Welgevonden Welgevonden__174 - Rhino Welgevonden__162 - the bushveld in Welgevonden Welgevonden__158 - Rhino Welgevonden__151 - an Elephant walks down the road Welgevonden__143 - Elephant Welgevonden__139 - Elephant Welgevonden__135 - Elephant Welgevonden__131 - Elephant Welgevonden__124 - Elephant Welgevonden__114 - a Kudu bull Welgevonden__113 - a Zebra suckles on Mom Welgevonden__105a Dung Beetle rolling it's dung ball towards the bush Welgevonden__103 - an Emerald-spotted Wood Dove Welgevonden__102 - one of the many rivers/streams in Welgevonden - it's not called the Waterberg for nothing Welgevonden__099 - Wildebeest with baby Welgevonden__093 - Rhino with a juvenile Redbilled Oxpecker Welgevonden__082 - can I whisper in your ear - a Redbilled Oxpecker Welgevonden__074 - Rhino Welgevonden__065 - Mom and baby Rhino Welgevonden__061 - Violetbacked Starling Welgevonden__055 - Warthog with babies Welgevonden__046 - Giraffe Welgevonden__023 - a big tusker Warthog Welgevonden__022 - Adult and younger Waterbuck Welgevonden__019 - Waterbuck Welgevonden__018 - Giraffe Welgevonden__016 - African Wattled Lapwing (Plover) Welgevonden__015 - Young Zebra with mother Welgevonden__011 - Young Zebra with mother Welgevonden__004 - interesting reflection with a Croc lying on the bank Welgevonden__001 - Woodland Kingfisher