Drakensberg Sun and Cathkin Peak

The Drakensberg has been photographed for 100 years plus. It has also been visited by millions of people. It has to be one of the best places to visit in South Africa rivaling any beautiful area in the world. Each part of the 'Berg has it's beautiful spots and everyone has his or her favourite spots. Mine is right here near Cathkin Peak. Drakensberg Hotel and Timeshare is a fantastic resort with everything going for it. We spent a week there recently and enjoyed every minute. The hikes are not too strenuous and well worth the effort. Fern Valley and Blue Grotto walks have to have some of the best natural forest in South Africa. And oh, a Summer storm is one of the best events you can live through! The sunrises and sunsets are also spectacular and have to be experienced to be believed!!! Nearby is Falcon Ridge which is a haven for injured and rehabilitating birds of prey and well worth a visit. Photographs taken with my Canon 5D Mk2 and Canon 60D with Canon lenses and also the superb SIGMA 10-20mm wide angle lens - the bird shots taken with a SIGMA 70-200mm F2,8 lens.

Berg rain- nice Berg thunderstorm Berg storm- Lightning strike in the Berg - nice thunderstorm Berg sunset Blue Grotto walk- moss covered rocks Blue Grotto walk Blue Grotto walk - waterfall Blue Grotto walk - Blue Grotto waterfall Blue Grotto walk -  Blue Grotto waterfall Blue Grotto walk-14 Blue Grotto walk-  Blue Grotto waterfall Cathkin Peak reflections Cathkin Peak framed between tree Cathkin Peak pano sunrise Cathkin Peak sunrise from Drakensberg Gardens Cathkin Peak sunrise Cathkin Peak sunrise Cathkin Peak sunrise from Drak Gardens Cathkin Peak sunrise pano Cathkin valley Dragons Peak lake Drak Sun lake Drak Sun Drak Sun  - misty valley Drak Sun - frozen rain Drak Sun - rainy sunset Drak Sun hotel Drak Sun Lake Drak Sun Lake Drak Sun sunset Drak Sun sunset Falcon Ridge 1 Falcon Ridge 2 Falcon Ridge 3 Falcon Ridge - Eagle Owl showing great camouflage against a tree stump Moon set Owl-1 Owl-2 Spider-1 Spiderweb-1 Wild canna-1