Cape West Coast, Cape Town and Stanford

The Cape West Coast is somewhere I have never been to. In September, we went up the coast to Langebaan in anticipation of seeing ther wild flowers in full bloom. This exercise is usually touch and go as the fields can be full of flowers - or very few if at all. It depends on whether there has been good rainfall or not and in 2012, there was plenty of rain. We were very lucky. What we saw was spectacular indeed. Langebaan is a lovely little town, mainly a holiday destination but has full time residents as well. The West Coast National Park was a marvel. For a few days of the year it is opened up free of charge for all and sundry to come and witness the flowers in Postberg. Both Postberg and Seeburg were spectacular. We stayed at Mykonos and were pleasantly surprised. Very nice place and centrally situated for easy access to the National Park as well as the other sites on the West Coast. A beautiful part of the world. All the photographs were taken with either my Canon 5DMK2 or 60D with Canon 24-105mm lens or the superb 10-20mm Sigma. Also used was the Sigma 70-200mm lens.

Mykonos-15 Mykonos sunset-14 Langebaan sunset-6 Langebaan sunset-5 Langebaan sunset-3 Waves-2 Mykonos sunset-5 Mykonos sunset-4 Langebaan sunset-1 Mykonos sunset-2 Langebaan-2 Flowers-53 West Coast Nat Park-5 West Coast Nat Park-3 Flowers Pano-1 Mykonos-14 Flowers-45 Strandloper-5 Langebaan-1 Mykonos-7 Flowers-42 Flowers-41 Seeberg-7 Seeburg pano-2 Seeberg Pano-1 Flamingo-4 Flamingo-3 Flamingo-1 Flowers-37 Flowers-34 Flowers-31 Flowers-30 Flowers-27 Flowers-21 Flowers-7 Flowers-5 Flowers-3 Flowers-19 Whale-1 Barnacle Bill-1 Mogg's-1 Stanford sunrise-2 Stanford sunrise-1 CT sunset-2 snake-1 Sacred Ibis-2 Cape Spurfowl-1 Tourtoise Seagulls-1 Paternoster-1 Voorstrand-1 Voorstrand Jacob's Bay-1 Blouberg-1 Blouberg-2 Blouberg-3 Blouberg-4 Table Mountain-1 TM pano