Imation Disk Stakka

Disk Stakka is a great idea for storage of CD's and DVD's once they have been written on. It is an 'empty' shell in that it can store 100 cd/dvd's. The discs get stored on a turntable type mechanism. The software that comes with the Disc Stakka is very good. When you insert a new disc for storage, it asks you if it's a new disc and catalogs the contents. The only down side is you cannot actually see the contents, in other words only the filename is shown and not the actual photograph (in my case). When you need to access a particular cd/dvd, you simply search for the disc (with the Disc Stakka software) and select eject. The correct cd/dvd then pops out and you then insert it into your dvd drive to access the required file and copy it to your harddrive. Very simple, very neat. The best thing however comes when you run out of space - i.e. fill the 100 slots. Simply purchase a second Disc Stakka and stack it ontop of the second one via hot contacts - no wiring required.


All in all, a good way to store those CD's/DVD's.