The world of memory disks is fraught with problems. You buy a Compact Flash memory card for your digital SLR and pop it in only to find it is slow. Now that is fine if you are taking landscapes but not good if you are into action shots!


This is where SANDISK comes to the fore.


SANDISK has a memory card for all with the following cards:

I can speak from experience here. I started off with several different compact flash cards in my kit and thought they were fairly good - speed wise. However, when I switched to Sandisk Extreme III cards, I realized that the difference is - well, chalk and cheese! Taking pics of aircraft zooming past, one doesn't have time to mess around. Getting the shot is important to me as it is my livelyhood so I now rely on Sandisk to get that shot - and loads more in split seconds! No waiting, no fuss, no bother.

If it's quality you need, SANDISK is the brand you want in your camera bag!