Sigma Lens test

Sigma 10-20mm F3,5

Early this year, Sigma made me one of their Sigma lens ambassadors. They sent me two lenses for me to use and test over the year and I promised to report back on my website - which I am now doing!

The two lenses in question are the 10-20mm F3,5 wide angle lens and the 70-200mm F2,8 zoom lens.

When I received the lenses, I was immediately impressed by the build quality of both lenses. I have used Sigma lenses in the past and not been that impressed but clearly, Sigma have come a long way since then.

The 10-20mm lens is just awesome! There are not enough adjectives to describe this lens. The build is good, it is a solid little lens and the quality photographs that comes out of this lens are startling! It has become my stable lens for landscape work and I use it all the time. Ultrawide lenses are prone to distortion, but in this case the Sigma 10-20mm ƒ/3.5 keeps distortion to a minimum. I have seen a whole lot worse with more expensive lenses!! Below is a sample pic taken with the 10-20mm lens. I was in the Drakensburg in March and used the lens all the time. I just lends itself to landscapes.

Unfortunately the lens only fits on APS-C sized sensor cameras. Pity as this lens would probably perform well on my full frame camera.


Another shot, this time of the lake at sunset - the colour are as you see them, not software manipulated.

Then, this shot of the flowers in the Western Cape in September this year.

Not much more to be said on this lens except that if you are in the market for a wide angle lens, check this one out.

Sigma 70-200mm lens

The 70-200mm lens is a solid hefty lens and has good, quality glass. It is one of Sigma's flagship lenses. Hence the quality shot one gets! Not the fastest lens around but for wildlife work or even rally cars racing around, this lens is the one for you. Even though it is an F2,8 standard lens, it does not come with a wallet crippling price. Where this lens comes into it's own is in the bush. I used it in Welgevonden Game Reserve and found it to give excellent quality shots. The lens is well balanced and on both my Canon 5DMK2 and 60D, this lens worked well. I like the fact that it has internal focusing and zooming mechanisms which is sealed. Some lenses have push-pull zoom mechanism which is fraught with problems - they suck in loads of dust. The Sigma 70-200mm doesn't do that. The other good factor is that the focus is much improved on the older model lens. I tried and owned a 70-200mm which was fairly noisy when focussing. The new one is all but silent and smooth and is fairly fast.

I can easily recommend this lens to any photographic enthusiast. The price is on it's side and picture quality is great.

Test pic taken in Welgevonden of a Wildebeest.

A pic of action - a rally car speeds by

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that these photographs are lower resolution than the originals.