Sigma Lens tests - 24-70mm and 15mm Fisheye

Firstly, the little 15mm F2,8 Fisheye lens. Very interesting lens. When it first arrived on my desk I was expecting a different lens and thought that this was going to be a waste of time lens. However, it turned out to be a fun lens. I used it around the garden but it came into it's own when I did a photoshoot at Mini Rocks at Umhlanga Rocks. The results were interesting and fun! See pics below.

Pic without the shroud which gives the circular effect.

This lens on my Canon 5D3 look extremely small. However, dynamite comes in small packages as they say and this lens is no exception. The quality and build is excellent, the feel of the lens good - it didn't feel cheap and nasty. For it's size, it was quite heavy, testament to the glass installed. Would I want one - and even use one. Well, not every day but certainly it would be in my camera bag for some applications! At R10000, it is not cheap, but then, quality is costly!


Sigma 24-70mm

Some lenses you know are just going to be good! This is one of them. It is a chuncky lens, solid glass, heavy and well made. The photo quality of this lens is great. Fitted to my Canon 5D3, it is brilliant! Good quality photos, nice and sharp right through the range and it's low light capabilities are outstanding.

The above photo consists of two stitched, hand held pics of Durban at night. YOu will agree, it is an amazing shot in terms of being technically good.

This lens is known as being a very good lens. At a recommended selling price of R10695.00 that is pretty good indeed. Would I want one in my camera bag?