Margate Airshow

SAAF Oryx helicopter Mark Beckley in his Boeing Stearman Gyrocopter Skydiver Mirage III Mirage III Mirage III Falcon jet Airlink Jetstream J41 Mazda Zoom Zoom team - Extra Westland Wasp Piper Cub lands on top of truck Westland Wasp SAAF Silver Falcons Extra Cessna team EC120 taking off SAAF Agusta 109 SAAF Oryx Skydiver Mazda Zoom Zoom team - Extra EC120 helicopter SAAF Agusta 109 The Snake microlight team leader Para glider Snake microlight team-7 Mazda Zoom Zoom Extra SAAF Agusta 109 Dakota DC3 turbo - TurboDak Mazda Zoom Zoom Extra